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Mantras for Career Success: Get Set Go!

Mantras for Career Success: Get Set Go! - A guide for successful career

"Mantras for Career Success" is a practical guide designed to help individuals advance their careers, whether they are students or professionals at any level. In today's complex professional environment, achieving career progression can be a challenging task, especially without the support of a well-connected mentor or favorable professional setup. This book aims to assist the 95% of working professionals and students who face this challenge by offering specific guidance on critical success factors and adopting best practices.

Unlike other career development books, "Mantras for Career Success" provides readers with a direct and honest approach to career development, making the content easily understandable while offering actionable takeaways from each topic. By empowering professionals to take control of their career development, this book aims to increase per capita contributions to the nation through improved performance, make professionals more employable, and increase overall happiness.

"Mantras for Career Success" is suitable for both recent graduates and seasoned professionals seeking to achieve their career goals and reach their full potential.

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