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Risk Management: Importance of Staying Calm in Crisis

Once upon a time, there was a program manager who was very meticulous about risk management. This manager was well-known for being thorough and prepared for any potential issues that could arise during a project. One day, however, the manager realized that they had missed a major risk on a personal project, and they had not planned any mitigation for it.

The project manager's personal project was their son's 10th board exams. The night before the exams, the manager had instructed their son to collect all the necessary stationary and keep everything ready for the next day. The manager had reviewed everything and felt confident that everything was in order. However, the next morning, just half an hour before they had to leave for the exam, their son announced that he couldn't find his school ID card.

The manager's wife and son started looking for the ID card frantically. The manager realized that they had missed this major risk and had not planned any mitigation for it. However, instead of panicking or losing their cool, the manager decided to stay calm and think of a workaround. They called their son's class teacher and asked if there was any alternative way to enter the exam hall without the ID card. The teacher informed them that school representatives would be at the exam center who would help their son write the exam, and the school would issue a temporary ID card.

Even though this was a comforting solution, chaos still reigned at home. The wardrobe was on the bed, and the ID card was still missing. The manager's wife was getting angrier by the minute, as the manager just sat there thinking. After 20 minutes of searching, the manager asked their wife and son to stop looking for the ID card and instead look for the clothes their son had worn three days ago at his PTM. Miraculously, the ID card was found in the pocket of his jeans.

The Moral of the Story - It's essential to plan for risks, but sometimes, despite our best efforts, things may still go wrong. It's crucial to stay calm in such situations and think of workarounds instead of panicking. Sometimes, the solution may come from an unexpected place, and we need to keep an open mind to find it.

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Mar 23, 2023
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